Stuck in Lodi, So What?

I have the distinct pleasure of working in the Lodi housing industry. Last week, a new client admitted that he’d been visiting Lodi on a lark, fell in love with an old Victorian, and promptly uprooted his young family from San Francisco. He said he wanted to give his daughter the slow, safe life he remembered as a kid in the 1970’s and that Lodi was the place to do it.

Our little town is special and in the past few years it’s more than just us Lodians who know it.  My Sacramento-born friends joke that “downtown Lodi” is actually in the middle of a vineyard. They’re not completely wrong. Lodi has a reputation as a backward place to get stuck where nothing happens ever to anyone and that’s just fine with us. When asked about the famous nod from CCR’s 1969 hit “Stuck in Lodi”, Lodians have been known to say things like, “Whatever, we like it here. It’s boring but it’s a good kind of boring.” And it is.

I feel lucky to live in such a “boring” place.  Last month marked two years since I moved home and well-being is the name of the game. There’s something magic about being nestled in this peaceful town full of friends and family.  Life can be violent and charge ahead of you at break-neck speeds if you let it. DON’T LET IT. Time is precious and we have a truly golden opportunity as Lodians to enjoy the slow lane. Be like my client and take back the slow life you deserve!! Even better, take this pretty weekend and rent a Kayak on Lodi Lake or throw all caution to the wind (literally) and GO SKYDIVING or watch the divers from the safety of the Airport Cafe. Get out there and have fun, folks!