Make It Your Own

When I moved into my new office, I brought four plants and a tiny gold dog statue just so it would feel like home. Environments are influencing. My mother always said that your environment is a reflection of your mental state. She’s right this time but there’s more to that story. I believe that if an environment is set up correctly, it will breed strength and stability in those that dwell in it. Keeping life at home slow and steady and full of inspiration has done wonders for my frame of mind. Home is the centerpiece of daily life. If it’s not working right, neither are you. Here’s how my home is working on this gorgeous Sunday in Lodi!

Living Room Scene.jpg

We are running out of space for books and records and animals at an alarming rate!

Chibi Kitty Cactus.jpg

I always need a spot to do some good thinking. I like to fill those spots (and every spot) with tidbits of motivation. Art, trinkets, whatever I can get my hands on to get that creative jolt. I have a bad habit of getting carried away.

Dining Room.jpg

Build your life on the things that are important to you and make time to invest in those things.

Onward and upward!! Happy Sunday!



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