Stay In, Eat Local with O’Hara Farms!

Even though the summer killed my garden and we surrendered to the bugs, I’d like to think a slow-paced garden life is the one for me. I am the kind of person who should be brought warm tea in the afternoon and otherwise be left alone to stare at the sea from a rocking chair with a dog curled around my feet. But this is not the way things are. Here in real life, I try to nourish the simplicity I can find here at home. Now that we’re bundled up for fall, having good food around the house is a top priority.

It’s getting dark by 6pm, the rain is newly upon us, and I get to wear my new jacket almost every day. In my opinion, this is the best time of year to live in Lodi. It is not, however, the best time to find good produce at the grocery store unless you’re looking for decorative gourds.


Luckily, our household discovered O’Hara Farms. This family farm has been operating in Lodi since 1955. When I was a 16 year old photo adventurer, I took so many polaroids of those swan planters on De Vries and Hwy 12 adorned with necklaces and American flags. Little did I know, this was the spot where O’Hara Farms would establish their summertime farmstand.


Though the farmstand has closed for the season, you can still have a box of local produce delivered to you weekly for as little as $25.00! In the time I have been ordering from O’Hara Farms, they have added eggs, milk, coffee, honey, cheese, and pork products to the menu. We live busy lives and don’t have much time during the week to ourselves. Having such easy access to all these wonderful local products has made the elevated cost worth it for us. We are throwing away less produce and eating better, not to mention supporting local business in a real way. This is one of many excellent benefits of living in a small farming community. Count me in!

Stay dry out there, Lodians! Until next time.

OHara Farms Logo.png


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